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Track your competitors in the mobile app and game industry, monitor your own apps, and discover trends in your niche market to gain a competitive advantage.

Access app and SDK intelligence from 17+ million published and unpublished iOS, Android, and connected TV (CTV) apps and 2,400+ iOS and Android SDKs.

Gain insight into 1.9+ million app publishers from:

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  • Apple App Store logoApple App Store
  • Samsung logoSamsung
  • Tencent logoTencent
  • Apple TV logoApple TV
  • LG logoLG
  • Amazon Fire TV logoAmazon Fire TV
  • Google TV logoGoogle TV
  • Roku logoRoku
  • Amazon Appstore logoAmazon Appstore
  • Vizio logoVizio
  • Huawei logoHuawei
Gain insight into 1.9+ million app publishers
  • Track your apps and competitors' apps across the most popular app stores.
  • Analyze integrated SDKs and SDK trends.
  • Leverage app market analytics to optimize product roadmaps.

The best businesses need the highest-quality app intelligence!

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Monitor Your Competitors

Perform market research and competitor analysis to uncover winning mobile strategies. Keep an eye on developer updates and changelogs, integrated SDKs, release dates, and performance metrics like ratings, rankings, and estimated downloads for all mobile apps across all Apple App Store iOS genres and Play Store Android categories.
  • Identify upward trending apps, including the fastest-growing apps in your space, by measuring downloads against release dates.
  • Detect when publishers release new versions, update content ratings, revise titles or descriptions with fresh keywords, and correlate all changes with download trends and top chart rankings.
  • Compare localization techniques against country-specific performance metrics like downloads and top chart rankings.
Monitor Your Competitors

Track Integrated SDKs and SDK Trends

Uncover your competitors' SDK tech stacks to see which ones they use to power their apps, monetize their products, and optimize user experiences. Stay informed about the SDKs you’ve integrated into your own apps. See which SDKs are most popular in the app store categories and genres you're targeting. Set alerts for SDKs of interest.

  • Access integration and removal trends for 2,400+ iOS and Android SDKs.
  • Determine which SDKs are most popular among mobile apps of interest, with category-specific market share insights.
  • Access SDK details, including developer information, SDK descriptions, developer URLs, and more.
  • Identify similar SDKs based on functionality and SDK category
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly, or event-based alerts for key SDKs.
Track Integrated SDKs and SDK Trends

Inform Product Roadmaps With App Market Analytics

Access actionable review insights for any iOS or Android apps — yours or competitors'!

  • Download user reviews for further analysis.
  • Analyze review sentiment, with clustering into 18+ specific topics optimized for the mobile app market.
  • Identify the most and least popular features for any app.
  • Use this information to inform your product roadmaps and prioritize action items on your release calendar.
Inform Product Roadmaps With App Market Analytics

Flexible Access to 42matters'
App Intelligence Data

Flexible Access to 42matters' App Intelligence Data


Visually explore app intelligence for any iOS, Android, or Roku app.

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App Watchlist

Track and benchmark any iOS or Android apps on a single, unified dashboard.



Programmatic access to mobile and CTV app intelligence.

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File Dumps

Download the latest app data and statistics and ingest them into your own system for further analysis.

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