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Leverage data-rich file dumps, APIs, and web-based tools to access mobile app and SDK intelligence. Gain insight into thousands of metrics for 17.1+ million published and unpublished iOS, Android, and connected TV (CTV) apps and 2,400+ iOS and Android SDKs.

Receive daily analyses of near real-time data from 1.9+ million app publishers across:

  • Google Play logoGoogle Play
  • Apple App Store logoApple App Store
  • Samsung logoSamsung
  • Tencent logoTencent
  • Apple TV logoApple TV
  • LG logoLG
  • Amazon Fire TV logoAmazon Fire TV
  • Google TV logoGoogle TV
  • Roku logoRoku
  • Amazon Appstore logoAmazon Appstore
  • Vizio logoVizio
  • Huawei logoHuawei
Receive daily analyses of near real-time data from 1.9+ million app publishers
  • Collect data from millions of mobile apps and games.
  • Gather intelligence on integrated SDKs and SDK trends.
  • Accurate connected TV (CTV) app intelligence.
  • Receive daily data dumps and analyses of near real-time data.

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Digital Turbine

Millions of Mobile Apps and Games

Obtain data from tens of millions of published and unpublished mobile apps and games from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Tencent Appstore. You’ll be able to track thousands of app metrics like estimated downloads, ratings and reviews, top chart rankings, and more.

  • Discover the latest country-specific download trends with up to 24 months of historical app download data, including daily, weekly, and monthly insights.
  • See the latest app release notes, version updates, and permission requirements.
  • Access developer updates and changelogs, along with app version histories.
  • Get the latest user ratings and reviews.
  • Access global and country-specific top charts.
  • Set email alerts for saved app queries and SDKs of interest. Receive daily, weekly, or monthly updates, or alerts based on specific benchmarks you’d like to be notified about.
Millions of Mobile Apps and Games

Thousands of iOS and Android SDKs

Gather intelligence on 2,400+ iOS and Android SDKs:

  • See integrated SDKs for any app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Search for all apps that use a specific SDK.
  • Identify when apps have added or removed certain SDKs.
Thousands of iOS and Android SDKs

Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence

Use 42matters' Connected TV App Details File Dump to access data from millions of CTV apps from the most popular CTV app and channel stores. These include: the Roku Channel Store, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV Apps, the LG Content Store, and Vizio SmartCast Apps.

  • Find CTV apps by searching app IDs and verify which stores offer specified apps.
  • Use the app-ads.txt standard for CTV apps to fight ad fraud and identify authorized ad suppliers.
  • Access comprehensive CTV app insights, like app titles, descriptions, publisher names, and more.
Connected TV (CTV) App Intelligence

Flexible Access to 42matters'
App Intelligence Data

Flexible Access to 42matters' App Intelligence Data


Visually explore app intelligence for any iOS, Android, or Roku app.

App Watchlist

App Watchlist

Track and benchmark any iOS or Android apps on a single, unified dashboard.



Programmatic access to mobile and CTV app intelligence.

File Dumps

File Dumps

Download the latest app data and statistics and ingest them into your own system for further analysis.

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